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FAQ about activity reservations with us

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Questions about your reservation

Is it necessary to book in advance?

Yes, reservations are essential for all our activities. To guarantee your place, we recommend doing this well in advance, preferably several weeks or, at a minimum, a few days before the date of the activity.

Can I book my activities online securely?

Yes, our online reservation system is secure and synchronizes in real time with our availability. There are no middlemen in our booking process.

How do I know if my reservation is validated?

Your reservation is validated as soon as you receive a confirmation email attesting to your payment or registration.

I did not receive an email confirmation following a reservation on your site, is this normal?

The absence of a confirmation email after a reservation on our site is not normal and indicates that your reservation or your payment may not have been correctly recorded. We encourage you to contact our office as soon as possible via text, email or phone so we can verify your reservation and make sure everything is in order for your activity.

Where should I go on the day of the activity?

All information regarding the meeting place is indicated in the confirmation email. Please read this document carefully. Do not search for ‘Oxygen Adventure’ on Google Maps, as this will take you to the wrong place.

Questions about participants

For aquatic activities, is it necessary to know how to swim?

Yes, it is essential to know how to swim to participate in our aquatic activities such as canyoning, rafting, hydrospeed, paddle, tubing or even canoraft. These activities take place in rivers where the water depth requires this skill.

One of the people in my group has a disability, can they participate in the activity?

Yes, people with mild disabilities can participate in our activities. In order to best organize this experience for them and for the group, please inform our office as well as the instructors so that we can make this experience enjoyable for the whole group.

Insurance questions

Does the price include insurance in the event of an accident?

Each instructor has professional liability insurance covering emergency operations.
Participants must have their own liability insurance and health insurance for medical expenses in the event of an accident.
Otherwise, daily insurance is available from Impact

Questions about cancellation or change

If the weather is bad, is the activity maintained?

If the weather presents risks for the practice of the activity, it will be canceled by the instructor. In this case, we will offer you either a full refund or a postponement to another date or another activity.

The size of my group has changed, should I inform the office?

Yes, in the event of a change in numbers, it is important to notify our office as quickly as possible so that we can adjust your reservation, ensure availability for additional participants, or adjust your billing if the number of participants decreases.

Can I change the date of my activity?

You can change the date of your activity up to 48 hours in advance free of charge. Fees will be withheld partially or in full if this request is made less than 24 hours in advance.

Do you want to cancel your reservation?

To do this, please notify our office by email, telephone, or SMS, so that your request can be processed as soon as possible. Cancellations made without charge are possible up to 72 hours before the activity. Holding fees will be applied partially for cancellations made between 72 and 24 hours before the event, and the entire amount paid will be retained for any cancellation made less than 24 hours in advance. However, in the event of exceptional circumstances justified by an official document, full reimbursement of the sums paid may be considered (for more details, please consult the FAQ section dedicated to cancellations, below).

Questions about Gift Vouchers

I want to offer an adventure to a loved one, how do I do it?

Visit our page dedicated to gift vouchers. You can offer the adventure of your choice or a gift card with a value determined by you.

I was offered a gift voucher, can I change the activity?

Of course, you can exchange your gift voucher for another activity of the same or lower value. If you opt for a more expensive activity, you will be asked for a financial supplement corresponding to the difference.

I am reaching the end of the validity of a gift voucher that was offered to me, what can I do?

In certain cases, we can extend the validity of your gift voucher. Contact us and we will examine your request carefully.

FAQ for cancellation requests 72 hours or less before the activity date

“I have to cancel my reservation because I or someone in my group is sick”

If someone in your group is sick the day before or the day of the activity, let us know as soon as possible so that we can pass the information on to the guide. You will need to provide us with medical proof to claim reimbursement. The management fees linked to the reservation will be retained.

“My car wouldn’t start (or another vehicle problem).”

Let us know as soon as possible so that we can pass the information on to the guide. You will be asked for proof of repairs or a garage in order to reimburse your reservation. The management fees linked to the reservation will be retained.

“I had the wrong date or meeting place.”

We do our best to send you all the information related to your reservation. If you have the wrong date or meeting place, there will be no refund.

“I think the weather is bad so I prefer to cancel”

Activities remain scheduled even if the weather is gloomy. Only the guide can decide to cancel a session if the weather conditions are not favorable for practice. The guides provide good quality equipment so you don’t get cold if the weather is not good. If you do not wish to come, let us know but there will be no refund.