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Rafting in the Pyrenees in the Aude gorges

Family Rafting between Perpignan, Font-Romeu and Carcassonne

Rafting in the Gorges de l’Aude, an incredible whitewater experience to enjoy with family or group

Raft down the Aude gorges, located between Axat and Quillan. These courses are perfect for discovering white water sports in an exceptional natural setting.

Family Rafting 6km 

Discover family rafting in the Aude gorges, a course suitable for children. This 6 km descent, punctuated by stops, is supervised by an experienced instructor, ideal for discovering this Pyrenean river in complete safety.

descente en rappel
From 6 years old
Belvianes et Cavirac (11)
July and August
Availability and reservation

Sporty rafting 8km 

This course, both friendly and sporty, is perfect for an activity with friends or family with teenagers. The first kilometers are suitable for all levels, while the last part, crossing the Pierre Lys gorges, is much more turbulent.

Le rafting, une activité originale à découvrir en famille au sud de toulouse

From 12 years old
Axat, Belvianes et Cavirac (11)
July and August
Availability and reservation

What is rafting?

Rafting is a whitewater activity where groups of up to 9 people float down turbulent rivers in a large inflatable boat. Rafting is practiced on mountain rivers such as the Pyrenees. Led by a guide, this sport combines river navigation and team spirit, offering thrills in spectacular landscapes. Each descent becomes a collective adventure, testing the group’s ability to navigate rapids and waves, while exploring often inaccessible areas and enjoying the intense interaction with nature. In France, rafting enthusiasts will find what they are looking for in the Pyrenees and the Aude gorges, renowned for their varied routes and breathtaking landscapes.

Where to go rafting in France?

In France, rafting enthusiasts will find what they are looking for in the Pyrenees and the Gorges de l’Aude, renowned for their varied routes and breathtaking landscapes. The Alps and Massif Central, with their rushing rivers, also offer unforgettable experiences, suitable for all levels of enthusiasts. These destinations promise memorable aquatic adventures in the heart of French nature.

Who can go rafting?

Rafting is open to almost everyone, from beginners to whitewater sports enthusiasts. Rafting in the Aude gorges is perfectly suited to families, groups of friends and work teams looking for team-building activities.
The minimum age may vary depending on the route and its level of difficulty. On the Aude River, the 6 km course suitable for families is accessible to children from the age of 6.
Rafting is an inclusive activity that promises thrills and unforgettable memories to a wide range of participants, provided they know how to swim and are in good health.

What is a rafting trip like with us?

Going on an adventure on a river with Oxygen Aventure’s rafting guides is an experience that is both exhilarating and safe.
As soon as you arrive, the team will welcome you warmly and prepare you for the adventure. You will be equipped with everything necessary (life jacket, helmet, neoprene suit, water shoes, and neoprene socks) guaranteeing both comfort and safety. After a detailed briefing on paddling techniques and essential safety instructions, you will learn the basics of rafting during a practical session on land.
When it’s time to hit the water, the guide, who will accompany you on the raft, takes command to navigate through the rapids and calmer waters, offering challenges and moments of pure natural beauty. The outing can include breaks chosen to fully enjoy the environment: swimming, jumping from rocks, or simply time to savor the landscape.
Once the adventure on the water is over, the arrival point is an opportunity to change and look back on the highlights of the descent. Safety and pleasure are ensured by passionate experts, making your rafting trip with Oxygen Aventure unforgettable.