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Riverboarding / Hydrospeed in the East of the Pyrenees in France

Riverboarding descent in the Aude gorges in the Eastern Pyrenees

Hydrospeed otherwise known as Riverboarding : Descent Aude gorges between Font-Romeu, Carcassonne and Perpignan in Occitanie

Our Riverboarding sessions are adapted to the level of the participants. The course is adjusted according to the flow of the river and the experience of the participants, in order to optimize both pleasure and safety.

River-boarding Initiation

An ideal session to discover the movements of white water. You will learn the techniques of whitewater swimming in a splendid environment

hydrospeed sur l'aude dans les Pyrénées
From 7 years old
Belvianes et Cavirac (11)
July and August
Availability and reservation

Sporty River-boarding

This hydrospeed session in the Aude gorges is for sporty people, looking for sensations, who like white water or gliding sports. A thrill-filled activity!

hydrospeed dans les rapides
From 12 years old
Belvianes et Cavirac (11)
July and August
Availability and reservation

What is Riverboarding?

Riverboarding, also called hydrospeed, is a white water sport where participants equipped with fins and a wetsuit descend rapids lying on a board, designed to be buoyant and maneuverable. This immersive activity allows for a unique interaction with the currents and is accessible to all skill levels. This whitewater adventure offers intense immersion in the water, allowing a unique sliding experience in direct interaction with the force of the currents. Suitable for all levels, from beginner to expert, hydrospeed requires good physical condition and certain swimming skills for more turbulent waters.

Where to go Riverboarding in France ?

Hydrospeed can be practiced in many rivers across France, among the preferred destinations for this activity, the Pyrenees stands out as an ideal location. In particular, the Aude River, in the French Pyrenees, is known for its sections suitable for hydrospeed. It offers different levels of difficulty, which allows both beginners to get started in complete safety and more experienced practitioners to take on greater challenges. The Aude gorges offer an exceptional setting for the practice of hydrospeed, combining sporting adventure and immersion in the wild and preserved nature of the Pyrenees.

Who can go Riverboarding ?

Hydrospeed is aimed at sporty people who are comfortable in the water, looking to experience thrills in white water. It is a perfect activity for lovers of nature and white water sports, whether beginners or experienced. Beginners will find an introduction to white water sports, thanks to adapted courses and complete safety equipment, while advanced practitioners can take on more technical challenges on more difficult courses. However, a good physical condition is recommended, as well as a certain comfort in the water.

What is a riverboarding session like with us?

At Oxygen Aventure, a hydrospeed session takes place in several key stages, focused on safety, learning and fun. Here’s a general overview of what you can expect:
Reception and Safety Briefing: Upon your arrival, the Oxygen Aventure team will welcome you and provide you with all the necessary information on the progress of the session.
Equipment: You will be equipped with all the necessary equipment for the activity, including a reinforced neoprene suit, neoprene socks, life jacket, helmet, fins and, of course, the hydrospeed board. The team ensures that all equipment is properly adjusted for your comfort and safety.
Introduction and practice: Before you enter the water, the instructor will show you how to maneuver the hydrospeed board, use your fins to propel yourself and navigate the rapids safely. You will have the opportunity to practice these techniques in a quiet area before starting the descent.
Descent and navigation: Guided by experienced instructors, you will descend the river, navigating through its currents, waves and rapids. The instructor accompanies you throughout the descent, offering advice and ensuring your safety.
End of the Session: After the descent, there will be a moment to share your impressions and experiences with the group and the instructors. This is also the time to return equipment and take souvenir photos if you wish.

At Oxygen Aventure, the emphasis is placed on safety, respect for the environment and the pleasure of the experience. The instructors, trained and passionate professionals, are ready to adapt the activity to your skill level so that you have an unforgettable time on the water.