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Caving in Pyrenees Orientales

Exploring the caves with family or friends in the Galamus gorges

Discover and explore the Galamus caves, located at the crossroads of the departments of Aude and Pyrénées-Orientales.

Découvrez et explorez les grottes de Galamus, situées à la croisée des départements de l’Aude et des Pyrénées-Orientales.

Discovery of caving 

Ideal for the first time with children, you will discover the world of caving in complete safety. You will do some small rappels, explore parts of the cave, if you wish. You will be able to appreciate an exceptional world of the caves.

spéléologie découverte english
From 6 years old
Saint Paul de Fenouillet (66)
All year
Availability and reservation


You will discover caving through a sporty moment where you will do a through-trip in a limestone cave. You will abseil up to 17m, scramble through small passages, learn climbing techniques and a lot of scientific things about caving.

Expérience de spéléologie inoubliable avec des amis proche de perpignan
From 12 years old
Saint Paul de Fenouillet (66)
All year
Availability and reservation

What is caving?

Caving is an activity that explores the underground world in caves and caverns. It offers a varied discovery, fascinating geological formations and cave life. Practices include rock climbing and rappelling. It combines scientific, fun and sporting aspects, with safety ensured by qualified instructors and specialized equipment. Accessible all year round thanks to the constant temperature of the caves, it offers extraordinary adventures.

Who can go caving?

Caving is an activity that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people, provided they are in good health and have a spirit of adventure. Adults in good physical condition are generally the main participants, but outings suitable for children aged 6 and over are often offered. However, regardless of your age, it is important to have the willingness to learn and follow safety recommendations to fully enjoy this unique underground experience.

Where and when to go caving?

Caving can be practiced all year round in regions such as Aude, Ariège and the Pyrénées-Orientales, located in the south of France. These departments are full of spectacular caves and underground formations, offering unique adventures whatever the time of year.
Whether on a sunny summer day or under a snowy winter sky, you will always find an exciting opportunity to explore this mysterious and fascinating world.

How is a Caving Trip with Oxygen Aventure?

During your underground expeditions, you will be supervised by an experienced and qualified instructor, holding a state diploma, who will teach you rope progression techniques and guide you safely through this fascinating environment. To ensure your safety, you will be equipped with a harness with harnesses and a descender, as well as a helmet equipped with LED lighting and a caving suit. In addition, the instructor will be responsible for managing collective equipment, including ropes, carabiners, ladders, intervention equipment, first aid kit, water, etc.