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Descent with inflatable canoe and kayak of the Gorges de l’Aude in France

Descent of the river with canoe or kayak in white water in the rapids in the Pyrenees

Introduction or improvement in whitewater canoeing or kayaking supervised by a river guide in the Pyrenees Orientales

Our Whitewater canoeing and kayaking sessions are adapted to the level of the participants. The course is adjusted according to the flow of the river and the experience of the participants, in order to optimize both pleasure and safety.

Introduction to canoeing

Itinerary designed to learn how to navigate a river and progress. Ideal for families or for a first experience.

canoraft english
From 6 years old
Belvianes et Cavirac (11)
From April to September
Availability and reservation

Whitewater canoeing 

This sporty and eventful course in the Aude gorges is aimed at people who already have whitewater experience.

canoraft english
From 12 years old
Belvianes et Cavirac (11)
July and August
Availability and reservation

What are inflatable canoeing and kayaking trips ?

The inflatable canoe and kayak, also called Airyak, Airboat, Hotdog, Canoraft or Canoe-Raft, are one or two-seater boats that facilitate the descent of sporty rivers in white water. Lighter and more manageable than traditional models, these fun boats offer better stability and are unsinkable, because they do not fill with water.
Built with shock-resistant materials similar to those used for rafts, they differ in their capacity: the raft can accommodate up to 9 people, the Kayak or Airyak is designed for solo navigation, and the Canoe or Canoraft for two people .
An instructor will guarantee your safety and teach you the navigation techniques necessary to steer the boat, stop, get back on track, recover your equipment and cross the rapids.
If you have always dreamed of going down turbulent rivers in a canoe or kayak without having much experience, this activity is ideal for you!<

Where to go canoeing and kayaking in France ?

Canoeing and kayaking can be practiced in many rivers across France, among the preferred destinations for this activity, the Pyrenees stands out as an ideal location. In particular, the Aude River, in the French Pyrenees, is known for its sections suitable for canoeing and kayaking. This river offers different levels of difficulty, which allows both beginners to get started in complete safety and more experienced practitioners to take on greater challenges. The Aude gorges offer an exceptional setting for the practice of canoeing and kayaking, combining sporting adventure and immersion in the wild and preserved nature of the Pyrenees.

Who can go inflatable canoeing and kayaking ?

The inflatable canoe and kayak are aimed at families or groups of friends looking for new sensations in white water and curious to discover new landscapes. It is a perfect activity for lovers of nature and white water sports, whether beginners or experienced. Beginners will find an introduction to white water sports, thanks to adapted courses and complete safety equipment, while experienced practitioners will be able to take on more technical challenges on more difficult courses. However, good physical condition is recommended, as well as a certain comfort in the water.

What is a canoeing and kayaking session like with us?

As soon as you arrive, the Oxygen Aventure team will welcome you and provide you with all the information necessary for the session to take place. You will be equipped with all the equipment necessary for the activity, including a reinforced neoprene suit, neoprene socks, a life jacket, a helmet, paddle and of course the inflatable canoe or kayak. The guides ensure that all equipment is properly adjusted for your comfort and safety.
Before entering the water, the instructor will show you how to maneuver a canoe or kayak, use your paddle to propel yourself and navigate the rapids safely. You will have the opportunity to practice these techniques in a quiet place before starting the descent.
Guided by experienced instructors, you will descend the river, navigating through its currents, waves and rapids. The instructor accompanies you throughout the descent, advises you and ensures your safety.
After the descent, a moment is planned to share your impressions and experiences with the group and the instructors. This is also the time to return the equipment and take souvenir photos if you wish.
At Oxygen Aventure, the emphasis is placed on safety, respect for the environment and the pleasure of the experience. The instructors, trained and passionate professionals, are ready to adapt the activity to your level so that you have an unforgettable time on the water.